Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Toys

Well I am still trying to use up my bit balls of wool so still knitting toys! % baby bears and 2 Caterpillars which makes a total of 10 small toys this week. But I am sooo over them for now so about to move onto something else for a bit. Not sure what yet but I am sure I will get some inspiration tomorrow.
I got a great haul of new goodies today!! I had 2 ladies drop things off, Betty from Hampton Park dropped off 9 bags of baby clothing and Wilma from Traralgon dropped off a large bag of beanies, scarves and wrist warmers!! I also got 3 parcels in the mail .. 1 from Elaine with squares to sew into a blanket (which is what kept me busy tonight), 23 mini xmas stockings from Joan from Mt. Waverley and jumpers and beanies from Phyllis!
We are starting to get a nice little stash of beanies and scarves but come next year they will be snapped up and I will be hunting around for some more, so if you are looking for something to knit that would be it. Or if you are so inclined baby jackets! We can never get enough of them!!

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