Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Post for 2010

I hope you all had a very merry Xmas and are gearing up for the New Year!!
Now what was I saying about not knitting for a couple of weeks?? I had to do something so I thought I would stick to small projects that were quick and easy so I could stop if I needed to. Well 19 toys later I decided it was time for a break lol
I got a copy of a book called "Knit a square, make a toy" Really simple! All you do is knit squares of different sizes and then sew them together to shape them into a toy! If anyone would like a copy just email me at needystitches@gmail.com and I will send it to you.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby items

I found some inspiration to make baby items for the Berry Street Carers. A lot of these babies are born heroin addicted so are very underweight and need smaller jackets than normal. I also made a couple of small blankets when I felt like some 'straight' knitting and then just went back to the jackets.
I think I am going to take a break from knitting this week (yeah right) while I try and get things ready for Xmas. If not I might just make simple and quick things before getting back into it after xmas is over.
I had a couple of people come around today to deliver things they have made. It always amazes me with people's generosity and even though they are busy with their own xmas plans and such they still find time to drop things off to make sure those less fortunate have something.
If I do not post again before Xmas I hope you all have a fantastic Xmas and a great New Year!!! This is a time for families and being thankful for what we each have in our lives.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scarves & Beanies

I have been knitting beanies and scarves for the Homeless Day in March, but I am over them for now. I have just cast on a babies jacket to feed my 'creative urges' but with any luck once that is fed I will get back to scarves.
Things have quietened down a little as organisations begin to distribute what they have to needy families so now is the time I get to clean up, finish off unfinished projects, sew up squares and try some of the patterns I have collected throughout the year but never had the time to knit them. I am fairly focussed on the homeless day right now but also trying to make baby items because they are always needed. We gave the mini xmas stockings to a homeless organisation that was having a BBQ in a park and had over 1,000 people attend. We filled the xmas stockings with lollies and lollipops (which took hours) but the time spent was worth it when I saw the smile on the kid's (and adults) faces. To all of you who contributed to the xmas stocks a BIG thank you!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homeless day in March

Well as I blogged last night there is a Homeless Day being held in Melbourne in March, 2011 so today I went through our "stash" of beanies, scarves, blankets and wrist warmers to see if we can reach our targets of 300 each scarves, beanies and wrist warmers and 100 blankets.

We have

22 Blankets (78 still needed)
25 Scarves (275 needed)
67 beanies (233 needed)
82 Wrist warmers (218 needed)

I will keep you updated as things come in!

Premmie jacket & Blanket

Today's offering, a tiny premmie jacket to fit 1 3lb baby and a matching blanket with ribbon trim. I love doing these kind of items as they always knit up quickly and they are so badly needed by all hospitals as well as Sids & Kids. Not sure where I am going to send these yet but I am sure someone will ask for them soon enough.
I had a phone call from R.D.N.S. who told me they are having a Homeless Day in early March and wanted to know if we would be able to help them with beanies, scarves, Blankets & wrist warmers (and anything else we can come up with) They are expecting a couple of thousand homeless so as many as we can do they will take. So get busy with those needles ladies and let's see how many we can make between now and mid to late February. I am wondering if we should set ourselves a goal, perhaps 100 blankets, 300 Beanies, Scarves & Wrist Warmers? That sounds like a good number that would be achievable.
I have just cast on yet another scarf so will be doing scarves over the next couple of days until I get bored again.
We received another lot of donations yesterday. Di came around with bags of beanies, toys, kids jumpers and amazing baby blankets that will be perfect for our baby bundles. I also received a parcel from Diane in S.A. containing beanies and squares to be sewn up into a nice, big blanket.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Packs

We get a lot of baby things sent to us so a couple of months ago I decided to start making up baby packs because they appear mnore 'special' to give out to someone who has just had a baby and is in need of clothing. Usually I put a blanket of some description (knitted, crocheted, quilted etc) a baby jacket, singlet, face washer, bootees, bib or anything I can get my hands on really lol I wrap them in clear cello and sometimes I use curling ribbon around them. They come up really nice and proved to be very popular with various organisations. So keep those needles clacking away and we might be able to make twice as many as last year! (Ahh I am ever the optimist!)

December Madness

Well December is now upon us and talk about the silly season!!! Every organisation needs things ranging from toys to clothing to you just name it and it is needed. Of course they have just realised they needed these things or have run short as the need this year has grown significantly from last year. Luckily we have received a load of things from various places and members so I have been able to fill some of the holes.

The above pics are what I have been working on in the past week. Pretty mindless knitting, scarves and toys and while I am working on another scarf I think that will be my lot for awhile as I feel the need to try something a little more 'creative'

I went to Ballarat last Friday to visit with the Ballarat Quilt Grans (and to pick up their donations) I came home once again with a car full of bags and have busily been sorting through everything. The Ballarat ladies always come up with very creative things that they make throughout the month, I only wish I had one tenth of their talent.

I also received some large beautiful xmas stockings from Chris in Qld. which were gorgeous and a pile of blankets from Julie in Melbourne. It looks like we will have a nice little stockpile for the beginning of next year, of course that is depending on if I get an urgent phone call asking for things prior lol