Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Madness

Well December is now upon us and talk about the silly season!!! Every organisation needs things ranging from toys to clothing to you just name it and it is needed. Of course they have just realised they needed these things or have run short as the need this year has grown significantly from last year. Luckily we have received a load of things from various places and members so I have been able to fill some of the holes.

The above pics are what I have been working on in the past week. Pretty mindless knitting, scarves and toys and while I am working on another scarf I think that will be my lot for awhile as I feel the need to try something a little more 'creative'

I went to Ballarat last Friday to visit with the Ballarat Quilt Grans (and to pick up their donations) I came home once again with a car full of bags and have busily been sorting through everything. The Ballarat ladies always come up with very creative things that they make throughout the month, I only wish I had one tenth of their talent.

I also received some large beautiful xmas stockings from Chris in Qld. which were gorgeous and a pile of blankets from Julie in Melbourne. It looks like we will have a nice little stockpile for the beginning of next year, of course that is depending on if I get an urgent phone call asking for things prior lol

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