Thursday, December 9, 2010

Premmie jacket & Blanket

Today's offering, a tiny premmie jacket to fit 1 3lb baby and a matching blanket with ribbon trim. I love doing these kind of items as they always knit up quickly and they are so badly needed by all hospitals as well as Sids & Kids. Not sure where I am going to send these yet but I am sure someone will ask for them soon enough.
I had a phone call from R.D.N.S. who told me they are having a Homeless Day in early March and wanted to know if we would be able to help them with beanies, scarves, Blankets & wrist warmers (and anything else we can come up with) They are expecting a couple of thousand homeless so as many as we can do they will take. So get busy with those needles ladies and let's see how many we can make between now and mid to late February. I am wondering if we should set ourselves a goal, perhaps 100 blankets, 300 Beanies, Scarves & Wrist Warmers? That sounds like a good number that would be achievable.
I have just cast on yet another scarf so will be doing scarves over the next couple of days until I get bored again.
We received another lot of donations yesterday. Di came around with bags of beanies, toys, kids jumpers and amazing baby blankets that will be perfect for our baby bundles. I also received a parcel from Diane in S.A. containing beanies and squares to be sewn up into a nice, big blanket.

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