Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scarves & Beanies

I have been knitting beanies and scarves for the Homeless Day in March, but I am over them for now. I have just cast on a babies jacket to feed my 'creative urges' but with any luck once that is fed I will get back to scarves.
Things have quietened down a little as organisations begin to distribute what they have to needy families so now is the time I get to clean up, finish off unfinished projects, sew up squares and try some of the patterns I have collected throughout the year but never had the time to knit them. I am fairly focussed on the homeless day right now but also trying to make baby items because they are always needed. We gave the mini xmas stockings to a homeless organisation that was having a BBQ in a park and had over 1,000 people attend. We filled the xmas stockings with lollies and lollipops (which took hours) but the time spent was worth it when I saw the smile on the kid's (and adults) faces. To all of you who contributed to the xmas stocks a BIG thank you!!

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