Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Toys

Well I am still trying to use up my bit balls of wool so still knitting toys! % baby bears and 2 Caterpillars which makes a total of 10 small toys this week. But I am sooo over them for now so about to move onto something else for a bit. Not sure what yet but I am sure I will get some inspiration tomorrow.
I got a great haul of new goodies today!! I had 2 ladies drop things off, Betty from Hampton Park dropped off 9 bags of baby clothing and Wilma from Traralgon dropped off a large bag of beanies, scarves and wrist warmers!! I also got 3 parcels in the mail .. 1 from Elaine with squares to sew into a blanket (which is what kept me busy tonight), 23 mini xmas stockings from Joan from Mt. Waverley and jumpers and beanies from Phyllis!
We are starting to get a nice little stash of beanies and scarves but come next year they will be snapped up and I will be hunting around for some more, so if you are looking for something to knit that would be it. Or if you are so inclined baby jackets! We can never get enough of them!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


In an effort to reduce my stash of leftover bots and pieces of wool I thought some small toys would be in order. The red is leftover wool from mini xmas stockings and the pink caterpillar is leftovers fromthe baby blanket. Now I just have 2 LARGE bags of leftovers to work through lol

Friday, November 26, 2010

Scarves & Beanies

I got a lovely donation of some wool this week and it was just begging to be knitted up. It was a thick 12 ply wool, a pretty pink and a very vibrant orange that begged to be made into scarves. Using 6.5mm needles and the thick wool the scarves made up really quickly which was great. I also made a couple of beanies from some part balls that came with the donation. So now I have started on some of the needs to be ready for next year!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

With Xmas just around the corner I have been busily making little xmas stockings. These are filled with lollipops or lollies to give out to needy children so they get at least something at xmas time. A few of our members have also been making these and we will probably have around 500 finished by the end of the month, though I could easily have used literally thousands.
The pattern is easy so perhaps we can all start making a few each month throughout the year so it is not such a rush next xmas!
Cast on 24 stitches
P 1 row
(K1 inc, in next stitch) to end 36 sts
Beg with purl row st.st. 7 rows
K14 (k2tog) 4 times K14 32sts
K12 (K2tog) 4 times k12 28sts
K10 (k2tog) 4 times K10 24sts
Beg with knit row st st 12 rows
Garter stitch 5 rows
Cast off.
I told you they were easy!! LOL

We don't seem to get many jumpers for adults so I try and make one each month. It takes a lot of wool and more importantly a lot of time but I keep in mind that it will keep an adult warm in the winter!

This is the extent of my crocheting skills. I can crochet granny squares but that is about it!! I made this baby blanket earlier this month


Ahh one of my favorite scrap wool projects!! It takes very little wool and uses up all those annoying little balls of leftovers we all have in our stash. The pattern for this is on our website www.needystitches.com

Here is a ripple stitch scarf I finished last night. It is such an easy pattern that I made this scarf yesterday, sewed in the ends and woohoo done!!
The pattern is:
Cast on 29 stitches
Row 1. Purl
Row 2. Knit
Row 3. K2 *yo, K4, K2tog, k2tog, k4, yo, K1* repeat to end with K1
Continue pattern until desired length then cast off

The start of Needy Stitches

I started Needy Stitches in January, 2009 after looking around for somewhere to donate some knitting I had done. After an exhausting search I found many craft groups in the U.S.A. but nothing in Australia. I had to wonder about this because I had heard and seen on TV that there were many people homeless and with the economic crisis that was looming they were predicting that many more people would find themselves in crisis.

I have always been good at organising things so thought that if I had found a need in Australia for this kind of thing I would be able to start a group and help other 'crafters' to have somewhere to place their items to help those less fortunate. So Needy Stitches was born!!

I spent a lot of time setting the group up, attempting to get the name known to both crafters and organisations that could use our skills. In the first year we did fairly well considering we were a brand new group and still trying to let people know about us. The second year seemed to explode with many new crafters coming on board as well as many new organisations who had heard about us or found us on the net. So far this year we have donated over 25,000 items to various organisations around Australia and now we are becoming more well known and with more people finding themselves in some kind of crisis the need for our group is growing.

I decided to start this blog in an attempt to let members and helpers of our group know what we are up to, what is needed the most and also some of the reactions and nice things that are said about us. Also many people ask me what kind of craft I do so I thought this would be the pleace to add pics of what I am making or completed and also post a couple of easy patterns.

Feel free to add any comments and if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on this blog please do not hesitate to email me at needystitches@gmail.com.

Our website address is www.needystitches.com