Saturday, January 15, 2011

Busy .. Busy .. Busy

Margie and Anna came over on Thursday to drop off their donations. Margie had two awesome adult crocheted blankets and two gorgeous crocheted baby blankets. Anna had a crocheted blankets and some kids jumpers and she had made some wrist warmers to match!! They are gorgeous and I am sure kids will love them.

I had a call on Friday from an organisation that is sending a couple of cleaning crews up to Brisbane on Monday and they asked if we had anything we needed transporting up! So of course I said yes so they will come past tomorrow and pick up what we have. I thought I would probably have a few hundred items to send but this afternoon I have had members and their families and friends dropping things off all day!! Not only can I not fit another thing inthe garage I cannot even fit in there!! So that is tomorrow's job, I will have to pull everything out, sort through it, pack it all up into bags and boxes and load it into the truck ready for Qld. I hate to think how many things there will be but I am now predicting in the thousands.

How readily Australians open their hearts to those in crisis and rally around to help each other out is inspiring.

Keep up the good work!!

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  1. Wow you are one busy lady Janice, like many others I dropped off a few things and saw just how much you have done/doing for the Queensland flood relief. Which is at present a priority.
    Amazing how much can be done when we all help a little.
    Finally figured out how to follow this blogspot and post a comment.
    The more followers we have the more google hits ..... this will then spotlight Needy Stitches and so our group will grow and then be able to help more.
    Being more of a quilter/sewer than a knitter I am doing a "little" knitting to help reach the target for the Homeless event Janice said even 1 beanie and scarf will help and I do have until late February LOL