Sunday, January 16, 2011

Delivery to Qld Floods

This is my garage at 8am this morning! I had to make a pathway in it just to get to things as I began sorting, folding and packing things to be packed into a truck bound for the Qld. Flood areas. The truck was planned to arrive between 2-3pm so I was up bright and early ready to start at 8!! I started sorting and packing and labelling things, putting them in the driveway so they were easy to grab (and to get them out of my way lol) I had just started to make some headway when a 4wheel drive pulled up full to the brim of garbage bags full of things, so I diverted from the garage to start sorting those bags out. Before I had gotten through the first 2 bags another car pulled up and deposited even more bags so I continued sorting and folding. Finally after another 4 cars had deposited bags all over the place I settled down to continue sorting and packing, all the time thinking it was a good thing the truck was coming today or tonight it would be me sleeping in the garage because the house would be full also. 

I sorted, packed and counted for 5 hours!!! then decided I really needed a break. I sat down on the couch for about 1/2 hour wondering what I had gotten myself into and then thought I had better get to it because the truck would be arriving shortly. I had to park the car outside on the street because the driveway was full by the time the truck turned up!! LOL

The guys in the truck were a little (lot) shocked at the amount we had but with all due credit to them they managed to get it all loaded. All 4,123 items!! YES. 4,123 items consisting of over a thousand toiletries, adult and kids clothing, loads of babies things, blankets, towels and so much more. To say I was happy to see the truck pulling away would be an understatement ..... until I turned around and saw the garage!! It was hardly any better than I had started at 8am!!

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