Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today's arrivals

The postman arrived early this morning with 4 parcels!! One from Kym with beanies, scarves and squares, another from Marilyn with baby & kids clothes, and another from Mary who makes jewellery (which is awesome! check out her album on the website) and then yet another parcel from Deborah with some spectacular baby wool (see picture) My fingers are itching to start some baby jackets because the wool is soooo soft. The mint green is a really soft color and the other is a varigated wool of pinks and lilacs.
I had a phone call today from an organisation that is collecting things for the people so tragically affected by the Qld. floods telling me they are sending up 2 x 20ft. containers at the end of February and would we be able to help. They are desperate for clothing, Mens, Womens and kids, toys, toiletries and kids school things. As I spoke to the man it hit me that the kids would have lost all of their Xmas presents when they were evacuated from their homes and they would be starting school shortly and would need pens, pencils, exercise books etc. I still have a bit of stationary left over from the camp school kits we made up and with stationary being on special I went out and bought 100 exercise books at 5 cents each!! 100 cost me $5 which is a bargain and will help out quite a few kids. If anyone would like to help could you please make sure you get the items to me by the 3rd week of February so I can organise to get them up there.

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