Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's Events

Today I went to a planning meeting for the Homeless day in Melbourne to be held on 18th. March, 2011. I was truly inspired by the commitment and dedication of the ladies present and came away with a much greater appreciation of how much work is involved.  I also spoke to a few ladies who belong to organisations who would like us to help them with some of the things we make, so hopefully we will be able to help more people and open up our network of organisations.

I took down some of the things we have already finished, mainly to make space for more things lol. My car was packed to the roof with 118 Beanies, 117 prs Wrist Warmers, 42 Blankets, 79 Scarves, 145 Toiletry bags and 700 assorted toiletries so we are well on the way to reaching our goal for this project!

Keep up the good work!!

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