Thursday, February 17, 2011

It has been awhile ....

It has been a week since I have blogged because I have been so busy sorting and organising that my brain is fuzzy and i am exhausted by the end of the day that I totally forget. At the moment I am waiting for 2 organisations to arrive to pick up loads of boxes and bags so I can have a piece of my garage back .. again

We have started picking up trailer loads of shoes. These shoes are all new, still price marked and a part of the deal is I remove the price stickers which I am sure you can imagine is very time consuming but on the upside all the shoes are new and some are really nice. If I had a show fetish I would be in 7th heaven by now lol  Carolyn's husband Graeme goes down to the shop on a Wednesday, loads up his trailer and delivers them to my house, without him I have no idea how I would be picking the shoes up, so I want to take a minute to thank him. He has made it so effortless for me, he goes down with Carolyn, they load the trailer and they drop them off and load them into the garage, no fuss, no mess, just how I like it, so a big thank you to both of them.

Last week Anna's daughter dropped off 300 packets of playing cards!! At first I thought 300 packs?? what will I do with them but as usual as soon as I mentioned them to a couple of organisations they were really excited about receiving them. So it ended up I did not have enough (which always seems to be the case) 

We have finished with the Homeless connect day in Melbourne. I have delivered everything and they were very excited and appreciative of what we were able to do for them. BUT of course now we have the other organisations that we usually keep supplied with blankets, beanies, scarves, fingerless gloves etc wanting to know if we can help them out again this year so keep knitting!!

Hmm what else ... There is a new pregnancy centre opening in Dandenong in April and they contacted me and asked if it was possible for us to help them out with baby items for them to start off with. I committed to 50 jackets and beanies sets to be delivered by the end of March and then we will continue to keep them supplied.

I think that is all the news for the past week and I will attempt to be a better blogger in the future lol

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