Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bits Blanket

I always seem to have leftover wool afetr finishing off an item so I keep them in a box thinking they will come in handy sometime. Well finally the box was full (read overflowing) so I thought I would crochet it into a blanket. If you look closely you will see a row of this and that colour that I have recently finished an item with. I started this blanket a few weeks ago and just kept using the ends of the ball of wool and then the past 2 days I decided to finish it with what I had in "the box" so here is the finished product! I hate throwing out even the smallest amounts so I think I have now come up with an idea what to do with it all.

Tomorrow is the Homeless day in Melbourne and while it is going to be cool they are not predicting rain (Thank goodness) I am really interested in how it all will come together after so much work has been put into it.

Carolyn and I went down and picked up more shoes on Wednesday and tomorrow we are going down to pick up the last of them. I am sooo sick of pairing up shoes, checking sizes and pulling off price tags, I think I can do it in my sleep now. But there are some gorgeous shoes in the mix, all good quality and all brand new, even some name brands and every organisation that has received some up to now are really excited about them as they do not receive shoes very often.

We are still working on the baby items for the end of the month and after receiving a few parcels and a few of our ladies delivering things I think we will have plenty to keep them going for a bit. Of course as soon as I think we have finished along comes another organisation that has run out, and with so many babies being born right now they are desperate for things. Margaret, the nurse from Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies said there was so many young girls right now delivering that their reserve stock of items are already depleted so keep those needles clicking away lol

We also have the normal cry out for yet more beanies, scarves, blankets, jumpers and wrist warmers (which seems never ending) so if you are not into knitting baby jackets there is an option lol I really have no idea right now what I will start on but I am sure something will spring to mind.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have contributed to our totals, only 3 months into the year and we have donated over 30,000 items which is really amazing. 

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