Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garage Saga Almost Over ...

Here is my garage at 10am yesterday morning. After another marathon effort of sorting and pairing up shoes Carol and I were able to get the bulk of them done!! Now what to do with them all. One quick phone call and a very eager organisation who wanted them all arrangements were made to us to deliver them today!! Youth Projects hired us a truck so we ciould take a whole load of things in at once (and I could make room in my garage )

A quick trip to Budget to pick up a moving van and we were in our element filling it up with boxes and boxes of shoes, blankets, beanies, jackets, clothing, you name it and we were packing it! We filled the truck up it was amazing to see all the boxes and bags stacked up and ready, now all we had to do was drive it into town. Wait!! I was going to be a truckie?? Not only a truckie but one who drives a moving truck into town? What was I thinking??
After a long night of plotting and replotting a route, working out which streets were one way and which weren't, wondering if the smaller streets were big enough to drive the truck down it was finally morning and we set off. I can honestly say that I have never driven so carefully nor so far under the speed limit in my life LOL But we made it!!  There were heaps of people to unload it for us (well after the shock of seeing how much there was) we finally got 5,265 items delivered!!
I drove home much easier than I drove there and the roads were not so busy. After tidying up the garage and rearranging a few things I can now see some garage floor!! I have concrete!! And only about 10 boxes of shoes left to sort. What a day!!!

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