Monday, March 7, 2011

March Already

Whew! What a busy couple of months we have had. What with floods, fires and earthquakes one has to wonder what the heck is going on with so much devastation which has created so much need and so many people finding themselves homeless or worse.

I delivered the last of the items for the Melbourne Homeless Day yesterday which was great. So many people are going to be comforted with everything we made and collected. It is days like this that make it all seem worthwhile and you should all be proud of what we can chieve as a group.

I heard a saying the other day that has struck a chord in me. "One voice is a whisper but many voices are a roar" Each one of us when banded together in a group make a dent in the need out there and while it appears to be constantly growing we are making a dent in it.

The project we are concentrating on right now is baby clothing for a new centre opening up at the beginning of April. I got a couple of gorgeous baby quilts from Jan Mac on Friday and have received quite a few baby jackets so we are well on the way.  Of course with winter fast approaching there are so many places needing scarves, beanies, fingerless gloves and blankets which seem to be a never ending saga. The good thing is that so many of our members are so creative the beanies and scarves are gorgeous. I have also received quite a lot of wool donations this month so have quite a good stash of wool if anyone needs it. All you need to do is send me a pre paid post pack and I will fill it up and send it back to you. Address it with your name and address and let me know what kind of wool you want.

We are still sorting shoes into pairs at the moment. My goodness so many pairs of shoes, all new, some high heels, some flats, runners, baby shoes, all kinds. Now if only I could get the shoe fetish thing happeningit would be great!

I managed to make another dozen mini xmas stockings but other than a crocheted blanket have done very little else. My time is taken up with sorting things out, organising pick ups, TRYING to clear the garage (which seems to be constantly filling up after I create some space) but this month I am determined to make more. I have a family member int he hospital right now so that is taking up a lot of my time but today when I go in there I will take my knitting and perhaps get some done while sitting around.

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