Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Already!!!

Well it is April already and winter is fast approaching! I sat down over the weekend and watched the boxed set of DVD's of "The Tudors" and started to sew up the very many squares I have been neglecting lately. I managed 3 full size blankets before I really needed to start something else. I can only sew so many squares in one sitting even when I am being entertained by a DVD lol

That being said, with winter comes the demand for so many things and .. wait for it ... drum roll please .... I do not have one pair of shoes in the garage!!!!! Finally I can see large pieces of concrete on the floor with no shoes in sight! Phew what a relief that is. But of course me being me is now hyperventilating because we do not have very much in reserve lol I have had a couple of phone calls from organisations that need beanies, scarves, wrist warmers and blankets as it is suspected we are about to have a very cold winter and with so many living on the streets these items will be in high demand, so get those needles clicking.

Occasionally I get a request for something special. I heard about a young girl, 15 years old, who had just given birth to a baby boy and had no family support. She needed just about everything so I found a picnic basket and filled it up with thing. There is a crocheted blanket by Julie, another by me, a baby jacket by me, a baby jacket by Joyce, a beanie and bootees set by Joyce, face washer and bib by Carol along with some toiletries. It is good to know that between us we can fill a basket with very little effort on my part and help someone get over a rough patch in their lives.

Keep up the great work!!!


  1. Lovely to see how well you can respond when a young lass needs help with items for her new baby. I'll keep making quilts and beanies and get some more down to you soon for the homeless.
    Hugs Jan Mac

  2. You are just what I've been looking for. I love to make whole blankets (as opposed to squares to be sewn up - avoid sewing my own work, don't mind helping others to sew theirs) I knit other things as well. Would you tell me what is needed most?

  3. There is so much needed. On one hand blankets, beanies, scarves, wrist warmers are desperately needed by soup vans, charity lunches and dinners etc. then on the other hand I have organisations begging for baby items. The best I can advise is make what you like to make and I will find a home for it. With winter fast approaching (and upon us) everything is desperately needed