Monday, May 30, 2011

My new blanket

A few months ago a lady donated 4 large plastic bags full of wool BUT each "ball" was only 8ft long!! I used them mostly to sew things up BUT after sewing those 293 squares together I came up with the idea of using 1 strand for the inner of a square and another strand for the outside! Well here it is, done and finished!! I know, I know, I am a glutton for punishment lol To be honest I barely made a dent in the bags but I feel better knowing that I have come up with an idea on how to use it all (when time allows)

With the winter months now upon us the demand is growing and growing. In the past 2 weeks I have had tons of parcels from members, at least two a day and some days up to 5!! But still I cannot keep up. We had a request from a Man who visits elderly homes/centres to give a sermon and he was telling me that the heat is being kept low because of the cost and the elderly are starting to feel the cold, so he asked if I had any blankets for him. I gave him a few but the need for more is great. I hate to think of the elderly sitting there shivering with the cold so that is why I seem to be concentrating on blankets right now.

Then I heard about a group in country Victoria who are setting up a group to help traumatised kids, kids who are sick, kids from abusive homes etc. They are requesting toys and kids jumpers and clothing.

Then I had a call from an organisation who house homeless men and while the men are given furniture and blankets etc. at the moment they are sleeping with only "hospital" blankets and with the nights being so cold they are having trouble sleeping.

Then I got an email from the kids camp we helped last year asking if we would help them out again as the kids were so appreciative of the new things we had made. Luckily Jan Mac (our wonderful lady who makes quilts for us) has agreed to make the 35 quilts we need by November. So now we need kids beanies, scarves, jumpers, stationary to make up stationary packs and toiletries to make up a toiletry pack for each of them. 35 does not sound like a lot but when you are trying to collect things together 35 is daunting. The saving grace is we have til November to do them so I know it is possible especially seeing we do not have to knit 35 blankets lol

These are just 4 of the organisations that need things along with the organisations we already help. I keep wondering if I can do more, knit more, stay up later and sew more blankets together. I try really hard to keep up but sometimes feel like it is overwhelming and I am playing catch up. But then someone will arrive with bags of things or I will receive parcels in the mail and suddenly I can fill a need somewhere. I do not know how some of these organisations deal with their clients day after day, hearing all kinds of sad stories and still manage to maintain some kind of sanity.

That is my whine for the day LOL

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