Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ACK!! Xmas is just around the corner

Now that I have you all in a panic with the heading of this post I thought I would talk about the needs for Xmas.

As usual I still need tons of the mini Xmas stockings!! I got a few in this week (over 80 in fact) which inspired me to sit down and knit another 14m but we are still thousands short so if you have any small bits of wool that are begging to be used up this is the perfect ptoject!  Of course we need toys, toys and more toys. Many of the organisations we deal with have said this Xmas is going to be one of the worst they have seen because of all the need out there. It breaks my heart to think of (especially) kids missing at at Xmas, so if you can knit a toy, buy a toy or find a toy please consider giving it to a needy child.

Each Xmas I try to come up with a special project, something extra I would like to do so that people know that other people care about them. Two years ago we provided xmas lunch for an elderly citizens home. last year we bought some ride along toys for a disabled toddlers house. This year I have thought and thought about the best thing to do and have come up with an idea. Noone has to help with this but in previous years people have asked me why I did not tell them about my xmas project as they would have liked to help so this year I am throwing it out there. If you want to help, you are more than welcome. Now onto my idea lol

I want to make up food hampers for Xmas for the more needy families. Not Xmas food but "normal" food (as in baked beans, spaghetti, tea bags, biscuits etc etc. Staples I think they are called). I would be really excited if we managed to make 50 though of course would love more. There are a couple of ways you can become involved. If you are local to me you can buy something each time you go shopping and save them up and bring them around in November OR Needy Stitches has a bank account (not that there is ever anything much in there) You could put a couple of dollars in the account, along with your name in the description and closer to Xmas I can go out and buy what we need. 

The bank account details are ... Name: Needy Stitches  Bank: Westpac  BSB: 733-179 Account No: 261251. Even donating a couple of dollars can make a difference.

Xmas for us comes around in November. The organisations usually want everything by the end of November so they know what they have and can get it ready for the "Xmas rush"

I have just updated the Donations page and we are at 75,858 items donated so far this year!!!!!  That is so fantastic yet a little sad that so many need things this year. Keep up the great work!!

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