Monday, August 15, 2011

86,181 Items and counting!!!

I have just updated our donations and the total so far this year is 86,181!!! What a fantastic effort by each and everyone who has supported us throughout this year already!! Wouldn't it be fantastic to reach 6 figures LOL

I thought last year was busy but this year things have gone nuts. I am sure you have realised that I do not blog very often and I usually update the website once a week and that is purely because I am so busy these days, sorting, taking phone calls, finding out what people need and making them up a donation. The need this year seems to have blown way out and not in any one particular group. The need goes from premmie babies and all the way to the elderlym with everyone in between.

We are very fortunate to have such generous members and people who spread the word. So many times I will get a phone call from someone I have never heard of who has something to donate to us and they have either heard about us from some friend or a member and want to help.

I know it is coming up to summer so hats and beanies and scarves will slow down but with Xmas just around the corner it is time to focus on that. Mini Xmas stockings!! I need literally thousands!! I had a phone call from a disabled centre just yesterday asking if they could have some so I need even more than predicted now lol

Keep those needles clicking away and those sewing machines buzzing!!

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