Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy Weekend

I know! Do not fall off your chairs but I am blogging within a week of my last post!! LOL

Every time I had some time to spare on the weekend I sat down and knitted some Xmas stockings. Being only small they were great for using up all the scraps of wool i cannot seem to throw out and they took very little time. I ended  up making 26 on Saturday and Sunday, so we are that many closer to our target.

Then today the mail arrives and whoopee Erika from NSW sent 48 stockings and Dianne from Perth sent 42, so another 90 closer!! And Erika has her Probus Group ladies working on them also so I am sure, with me being always an optimist, we will reach our target!!

The colour did not come up very good with this but it is a little "welcome basket" for a little girl that arrived last week. It amazes me how easy I can make these baskets up, oftentimes with very little time, from things sent to me by our members. I am only guessing but I think that at least 4-5 different people contributed to this basket that will help a girl who is struggling with a new baby.

Well that is all my news for now, but as promised I will try and blog more often to keep you all up to date, expecially now Xmas is fast approaching!!!

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