Thursday, September 22, 2011

The count keeps on rising!!

I have just updated the website with deliveries made and we are up to 96,376 items already donated this year!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

And now onto the reason why lol  I am moving house the first week of October!! As you can imagine I have had to place all of the donations with the various organisations so I only have to move my own things and not the group donations. This has bumped the total up enormously but ... but .... I don't have anything left. I have a clean garage!! I can see the concrete floor and you know what else? You could actually fit 2 cars in there LOL

So before you send anything else please email me for my new address though I will be doing that post forwarding thing so nothing goes astray but you will need the new address anyway for the future!!

I am really excited about the move but also "over it" right now with all the packing, getting services connected, settlement etc. not to mention making sure nothing is overlooked. The worst thing is the new house only house a one car garage so I will have to be better organised or start packing things on top of each other til they hit the roof. I am sure I can work something out so keep those parcels coming (including the mini Xmas stockings). We have already delivered 1,000 so only 4,000 to go lol

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