Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have a confession ....


My name is Janice and I am a Woolaholic! Any type of wool, acrylic, cotton, basically anything I can get my hands on. My stash is taking over my life as well as my spare bedroom and my bedroom plus parts of the lounge room and I will not even mention the garage.

I find myself touching it all the time, reorganising it, first into types, then into plys, then into colours and then I start all over again. I try to stop but I can't. I had been clean from feeding this addiction for almost 2 weeks but I busted yesterday.

I was walking around the shops and decided to look around Sams warehouse. As many of you know they only stock wool during the winter months but they had a few baskets full of odd balls at only $1 each!! I started hyperventilating, looking around frantically for a basket .. a box .. anything that I could grab to start piling it full of the gorgeous wool that was starting to call my name. The thoughts of Xmas stockings I could make, the baby blankets, the scarves was sending me into a delusional heaven where I was surrounded my wool and needles and patterns.

Finally I located a basket and filled it to the brim and then started to fill my arms with as much as I could carry. With a very proud strut I made my way tot he counter and piled the wool on it and watched the girl ring it up. 56 Balls!!! I have 56 new balls of wool!! I could not wait to rush to the car and get home so I could take a proper look at it all.

Once home I was like a kid at Xmas. I sat ont he floor and emptied all the balls of wool around me, picked up each ball seperately, felt it, imagined all the different types of things that could be made with it. Then it struck me. Where was I going to put it???? BUT being a quick thinker and a probolem solver I found a box, stuffed it in there, and placed it in a corner of my bedroom ... I could not put it in the garage yet as these were my new babies and I would have to feel them at least another 4-5 times or until I get another lot before they are relagated to the garage!! Ahh what bliss!

Today I looked at it again and thought that I should really join a 12 step program. Does one exist for woolaholics??? I might have to start one I think! I need help or at least have an exclusion policy put in place for any shop that sells wool!!!  LOLOL

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  1. Commiserations - I have not yet found a cure and I think it would take more than 12 steps. I just wish I could knit as fast as I can buy yarn.