Monday, October 17, 2011

100,149 items donated to date !!!

Well we have now officially donated OVER 100,000 items this year already and it is only October!!! CONGRATULATIONS everyone who has contributed to this total! It is simply amazing. I am nervous to think what the yearly total will be. It is absolutely awesome!!!

Last Wednesday we started to pack the food hampers and with thanks to the ladies who donated food and also who came along and worked their fingers to be bobne packing boxes and wrapping toys ready for Xmas a very BIG thank you!! We managed to get 42 boxes fully packed and sealed and I hate to guess how many toys we wrapped but they did seem never ending.

On a more personal note I am still waiting to move. They now say it will be at the end of this week but I have heard that before so I am not holding my breath *yet* The sooner the better as far as I am concerned as I hate living in this kind of limbo state with large parts of my life on hold for a time with really no end in sight, but I am trying to continue doing what I do and keep up with things as best I can, so keep those needles clacking away as with xmas now so close the different organisations are starting to worry that they will not have enough things for the less fortunate at Xmas this year.

Hopefully my next blog will have my new address and such *fingers crossed*

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