Monday, November 7, 2011

I have finally moved house!!

Well after weeks of waiting I have finally moved house!!! I do not know which is worse the packing or the unpacking, it seems to take ages to unpack and then even longer to find something once you have put it away! Though that could be old age forgetfulness LOL

As to the Needy Stitches front things are moving along with many organisations begging for things for xmas for not only the homeless but for kids that are disadvantaged and who especially feel it at this time of year. I have sorted a lot of things out and have delivered or had picked up thousands of items and still have quite a few to go, so if you were holding back til I had moved now is the time to send them! Organisations usually like them at the end of November so they know exactly what they have and can best allocate things, so please think about sending what you have ready as I know it will be greatly appreciated.

I have just updated the website and we are at 104,524!! I am still staggered by the amount you all have done this year and equally elated at the amount of people and organisations we have been able to help. I am still after more xmas stockings if anyone has any finished!

Thank you ALL so so much for being a part of this wonderful total. It is only through the kindness of all of you that we have been able to achieve what we have so far.