Sunday, December 4, 2011

Collecting Stamps

I have just discovered that many charities and churches collect used stamps to sell to raise funds to continue their good works.

I receive a LOT of stamps on parcels etc. and was wondering if you all could collect stamps from your letters or perhaps even where you work so we can gather them together and when I have a decent amount I can pass them on.

When you send a parcel of knitted goodies perhaps ask for stamps instead of one of those postage receipts they put on parcels sometimes.

If you collect some post them to Needy Stitches, 7 Hannah Street, Seaford. Vic 3198 and I will collect them.

Thank you!


  1. Hi there, I'm wondering what they do with the stamps?

  2. It is my understanding they sell them and use the money raised to continue their programs to help the Needy.