Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anna's Capes

Anna visited the other day with Margies to drop off  some goodies. Anna bought over 4 beautiful capes made from squares, sewn together and edges with a crochet scalloped edge. How cool are these? Depending on the size of the squares determines the size of the cape. They are really spectacular.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Blanket

Well here it is!! The second blanket but this time with hearts knitted intot he pink squares. Took forever but I feel the time spent was worth it.

I am taking a break from blankets and I think I am going to knit beanies and small toys for a bit til the "blanket bug" bites again!!

The past week I have received so many parcels and people dropping things off not only is my garage full but also one of the bedrooms and some things have started to invade my bedroom LOL  The next week or so will be spent sorting them out and getting them off to various organisations who are all screaming for things because of the cold (read freezing) weather.

Keep up the great work ladies!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And the squares keep on coming ...

Another blanket sewn up and ready to go!! Squares by Cheryl in Merimbula sewn up by me. And now onto yet more squares that are begging to be sewn up lol

In case you have not looked we are nudging 60,000 items donated this year already!! That is awesome!! Remember I only count what has gone out not as it comes in though usually things go out within 2 weeks of me reciving them as I donot see the benefit of them keeping someone warm if they are sitting in my garage.

Well done to you all!!!