Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Man's Jumper finished!

I have finally finished a Man's jumper that I started a couple of weeks ago!! The picture makes it look different shades of gray but I think that is just the lighting or the flash of the camera maybe. I had forgotten how long it takes to make a jumper, especially a man's one but men always seem to be left out a little.

I also got a big box of goodies from Heather, Blanche and Pat from Knitting Natters in Rosebud this morning.
Lots of beanies, scarves and kids jumpers! Thank you so much ladies!!

We have taken on a new project. Bendigo Bank have asked us to make squares and completed blankets for their blankets for all appeal. It will be widely advertised so will be an opportunity to get some publicity for Needy Stitches and hopefully attract some new members. So get those knitting needles clicking and clacking away. I will be happy to sew up the squares into finished blankets if it makes it easier. If you crochet squares can you do five rounds in any colour and then a final round in black please. It makes it easier for me to sew up. Those of you who knit bigger squares are better as it makes it easier also and less squares needed as the blankets have to be single size bed at least.

I feel a little like I am repeating myself but thank you all so much for everything that you do. It is very much appreciated!!

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