Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baby Bundles & Wrappings

Sometimes I think it is much nicer to receive a "gift" rather than a "handout" so we usually go to the extra work and wrap up items that we donate to the needy.

One of the most popular things we do is make up baby bundles with items sent to me from our very generous members. A baby bundle often consists of a blanket from someone in Melboune, a jacket from Sydney, a beanie or bootees from Perth .. you get the idea lol  So keep those baby things coming!!

We also wrap up some toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and face washer, shampoo and conditioner. We do also make up toiletry bags but they are hard to come by at times. Not everyone likes making them and with the quantities we need we have to improvise.

Anyway I thought I would take some pictures of some items we recently donated so you can see what wedo and how we do it. I am very lucky that one of our members who does not knit likes to wrap presents so she usually gets the job of doing them. Trust me it must take her ages as sometimes she leaves here with a boot full of things and returns with a car load of wrapped items.

Enough of my babble .. here are the pictures


  1. That's a lovely idea, giving a gift rather than a handout.

  2. When you say 'toiletry bags', are you talking about the waterproof zipped vinyl kind, or the terry toweling drawstring kind?

  3. More the drawstring type though not only in terry towelling, a lot are made with coated curtian material offcuts