Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The power of the Internet ...

Just last week I was desperate for a copy of a Bananas in Pyjamas knitted pattern so I posted on my blog about it .... that very night I found in my email a link to the book on ebay so very promptly bought it (Thanks Erica) and the next morning my phone rang and it was Anna who had been over and told me to blog about it saying she had reserved a copy from her library and would take a copy and send it to me. GREAT!! Now I can share the pattern with others .... In the next couple of days I have had 7 offers of copies from people who had read about my want of this pattern and it made me realise that the power of the internet is amazing. People like to share things and their knowledge and I think the internet brings us all a little closer together. I know I have made a lot of "internet friends" through Needy Stitches, we share stories of what is going on in our lives, what we are working on and what we are hopingto make in the near future. I know their husbands names, their kids names and quite often their grandchildren's names.

Gee can't you tell I am getting old with my amazement of modern technology, a technology thatkids take for granted has been around forever except in the "olden days" (And you wonder why I feelold LOL)

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