Saturday, September 22, 2012

Next Meeting For Xmas Project

Our next meeting to discuss the Xmas Project is Thursday, 18th October at 1pm at the Church of Christ, 130 Cranbourne Road, Frankston.

We are progressing very well with lots of parcels coming in with lots of different things in them. I have received Mens underwear and T shirts, Baby jackets, lots of  mini Xmas stockings, toiletries, stationary, kids cardigans and jumpers and blankets!! Also a few ladies have sent me Coles and Safeway gift cards which I have spent on food so my stash of tinned goods is starting to add up!!! Thank you to all you ladies who have done this as it makes my life so much easier.

I have drawn up a roster so we can cover all that needs to be done during the week of November 26th and December 1st so if you or some of your friends want to help email me at and I will add you to the roster. You do not have to do a full day as I have cut the days up into 2 hour blocks so you can help for a couple of hours, a couple of days or the full week if you want to. The more hands the merrier!! (And less work for us all lol)

I plan to take tons of pictures and load them on here so you can all feel a part of what is going on and get someenjoyment in knowing the people you have helped!!

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