Sunday, October 28, 2012

Needy Stitches won an Award!!!!

Well this is EXCITING news!!

Needy Stitches won the "Community Spirit" award through the Bendigo Bank in Carrum Downs!! We won a statue trophy, a certificate AND $5000!!!  I went to the award ceremony last Wednesday and collected our winnings and was so excited knowing that now our Xmas project will have plenty of toys to give away to kids that need them! 

It is only with the help of all of those who send me beautiful items to give away to those that need them that has made Needy Stitches a success!! So THANK YOU!!

Our Xmas project is coming along in leaps and bounds with a lot of parcels arriving every day and even a few money donations for me to go and buy more toys. We are starting to visit the local charities and have received very positive feedback and support so that is making out lives a bit easier.

Once again thank you to all those who support me in this.