Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 3 Xmas Project

Phew!!  Today was so busy that I barely had time to think.

We opened today at 10am but people started arriving at 8.30am and lining up out the front of the church. We opened the doors at 9.50am and within the first hour we had 103 people through and a steady stream throughout the day. The total of people who came through the doors for the day  was 413 so that is 413 families we helped out for Xmas. People left with their 15 items of food and 5 gift type items and so many came back to personally thank us for helping.

We have started to run out of food so the girls from Anglicare ran around to the local shops and started to ask for donations and luckily we picked up a few hundred dollars worth of food for tomorrows opening. We had volunteers and people everywhere, the church was crowded, volunteers were run off their feet helping people select things, it was chaos but organised chaos.

I am unsure what today (as I am typing this at 5.30am Thursday morning) but if yesterday was any indication we are in for another busy day and hopefully there will not be too much to pack up tomorrow.

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