Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Baaaack.....

Well it has been ages since I last blogged but I can assure you Needy Stitches is still going strong!!

Since early December I have been taking care of a sick friend who had brain cancer which took up so much of my time that I did not have time for blogging and such. I was still managing to deliver and have things picked up from home by various charities (which is a good thing or I would have had to move out of my house because it would have been full of donations by now LOL) We have had so many beautiful things donated that you have all created and have lots of new members join us inthe poast few months. Obviously with winter fast approaching the need for things is getting greater and it is hard to keep up. The things we need most is basically anything to keep people warm, blankets, squares for me to sew up into blankets, jumpers, kids jumpers, baby clothes (we can never seem to get enough of these)

I have over 1,000 squares still waiting to be sewn into blankets so that is what I am working on at the moment. The popular size seems to be single bed size and larger so adults can wrap them around themselves or sleep under them.

Our stamp collecting is going really well so please do not forget to collect your used stamps and send them on to me. A lot of charities collect these to sell so they can make some money for their carious programs. It is always a nice surprise to get a parcel of knitted goodies only to find a bag of stamps in there also.

So far this year we have donated 35,635 items to various charities which may seem a little down on numbers but I am still holding a couple of thousand items for Xmas. It always seems that at Xmas time we never have enough things to go around so this year I am keeping a few things that come in so we can try and meet some of the demand this year. So if you are into making toys or anything that can be made that can be given as a Xmas gift please consider making them. I think this year is going to be tough for a lot of people so if we can make sure that kids all get a present it would be a good thing. I would also like to give a "present" to some of the elderly folk who live in nursing homes and do not receive any visitors or gifts at Xmas time. I am kind of thinking along the lines of slippers or something useful yet something they do not usually have. Any ideas would be greatfully accepted.

OK I think I have just about covered everything and I promise I will try and blog a LOT more regularly. Keep those knitting needles clicking away and those sewing machines buzzing!!  Thank you to each and every one of you for all that you do.