Monday, June 3, 2013

Bootees .. Bootees ... and more Bootees



Yep it's me again LOL
As you can see I have been knitting bootees. I think I became obsessed and just kept going and going on the 'normal' typoe and then I saw a pic in a magazine of these little ... what they call .... Mary Jane Bootees. They are made to look like shoes and socks and knit up quickly and look so cute. So these are my new passion.  We still need more bootees so if you want a quick fix of knitting feel free to make any kind and any colour.
It is bitterly cold here in Melbourne so as usual we are very busy. I have very little "stock" left after giving out all the beanies, carves and mittens as well as blankets. Please help me restore at least some chaos in my house. I feel lost living in a house with corners not filled with boxes and things LOL
I hope everyone is well and your families are doing well. Love and hugs go out to Kym and her daughter and prayers that all go well. Also a big hug to Margie (she knows why)
Hopefully I will blog again soon!!


  1. Hi Janice,

    Was just reading an earlier post about setting up the house for teenagers. Are they still in need of bedding and other household goods. It seems more useful to donate it through you than to try to make a few $ at a garage sale.

  2. Yes they are very much in need of bedding and household goods and practically everything else.