Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally ....

Well finally I have made a Bananas in Pyjamas (actually I have made 3). I cannot believe how easy the pattern was and from all accounts these are very popular with kids.
I am hoping to make up some care packages for kids going into foster care with a back pack, a stationary pack. some toiletries, pyjamas, a beanie and a toy. Something that they can call their own as they go to a new place for awhile.
Lots of other news. With winter (and it is freezing here in Melbourne) the demand for all types of winter clothing is huge. Blankets and more blankets are needed also. I think just this week we gave out over 100 beanies and early July there is a new food van starting up that we are hoping to give blankets, beanies and scarves to.
And just as a side note ... My grandbaby is due in 8 days!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I am excited?? LOL

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